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Water Chillers UAE | Cooling Equipment

Water chiller is the most economical and maintenance free solution to cool water, when the temperature in overhead tanks or storage tanks reach extremely high. We provide a wide range of Industrial as well as Domestic water chillers. The chillers are constructed using high grade raw materials and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Domestic water chiller is a fully automatic water circulation system that can cool a tank of water to a user adjustable temperature. Once the set temperature is achieved, the chiller will automatically switch off. These system has been specialized for the harsh climatic conditions of Middle East.

Industrial water chillers are fully automatic and acoustically silent systems. These systems are well equipped to maintain the optimal water temperature under extreme climatic conditions. They are used in large labor camps and across various industries like Food, Plastic, Metal, etc.

Specifications :

  • Stainless Steel jacket to prevent corrosion.
  • Water temperature in the tank can be set using the thermostat of the system.
  • Condensing unit is equipped with advanced silica induced filter drier system to eliminate the moisture content which gives long life to the condensing unit.
  • High efficient condensers offer reliable performance in high ambient temperature.
  • Efficient service back up.

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What other services are you compatible with?
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Our passion is to build sustainable and effective water purification system.