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Water Disinfection | UltraViolet | Swimming Pool Chlorination System UAE

Disinfection of potable water provides a degree of protection from diseases causing organisms. Water disinfection is the deactivation, removal or killing of pathogens in order to avoid their growth and reproduction. If disinfection is not achieved, diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea etc can alter human health.

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Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and a very effective disinfectant. This process kills toxic microbes and bacteria in water and provides protection from waterborne diseases like typhoid, dysentery and cholera.

For disinfection of water the following disinfectants can be used:

  • Chlorine(CL2)
  • Chlorine dioxide (clo2)
  • Hypochlorite (OCI-)

Ultraviolet Sterilization

UV light is part of natural sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light is used to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. UV light sterilization is an environmentally friendly method of killing bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals and does not produce corrosive materials or dangerous disinfection byproducts.

Specifications :
  • Flow rates upto 60 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Lamp Replacement Indicator
  • Filter chamber available in stainless steel (SS316).
  • Ambient Temperature : 2oC - 40oC (36oF - 104oF)

Copper Silver Ionization

Copper Silver ionization is an electrolysis process which introduces positively charged copper and silver ions into the water supply. It is effective in both hot and cold water. Copper Silver Ionization is an WHO recognized device for eradicating Legionella bacteria from potable water. This method requires no chemicals and introduces no dangerous disinfection byproducts. The ions introduced into the water supply are safe for human consumption.

Specifications :
  • Flow rates upto 60 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Lamp Replacement Indicator
  • Filter chamber available in stainless steel (SS316).
  • Ambient Temperature : 2oC - 40oC (36oF - 104oF)

Swimming Pool Chlorination System

Salt chlorinators are an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. Built-in chlorinators use the appropriate levels of chlorine, preventing problems associated with over chlorination, like itchy eyes. With the help of Ultratec Chlorination system you can also regulate the ph level of pool water.

Contact our engineers to know more about Ultratec's Swimming Pool Chlorination System.

Also check out the natural alternative to chlorine : Copper Silver Ionization

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A water treatment plant can help hotels and restaurants deliver high quality water for various purposes, such as pools, spas, drinking water, and cooking water.A treatment system can also prevent scale formation on appliances such as faucets and shower heads.

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